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Al Fares Real Estate Services

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Property Management

An integrated package of property management services in Turkey, offered by Alfares to ensure the preservation of your real estate investment and the provision of a comfortable investment and residential environment for the clients all year around.

خدمة الجولات العقارية في تركيا

Real Estate Tours

We, at Alfares, place a considerable significance to welcoming our clients since the moment they arrive to Istanbul Airport, give a great care to arranging their visits to the important sites and projects the suits their investment and real estate aspirations and orientations together with paying attention to their comfort and providing the optimum atmosphere when they travel for these purposes.

التسويق العقاري

Real Estate Marketing

We, at Alfares real estate, and through our co-location with the top structural and real estate development companies in Turkey as well as our meticulous knowledge of the real estate market and its advances, continually provide our clients with new and profitable real estate investments via Alfares real estate marketing team and our digital marketing channels.

الاستثمار والتطوير العقاري

Real Estate Consultancy

Alfares real estate team provides you with accurate information about real estates in Istanbul and other major Turkish cities as well as legal explanations and financial studies before purchasing or owning a property in Turkey.

Alfares Real Estate Investment in Turkey

We present you with the real estate market in Istanbul and Turkey and we highlight the important investment opportunities in the Turkish real estate section.

We, as Alfares, are a Turkish company specialized in the section of real estates and real estate marketing in Istanbul and Turkish cities. We operate according to the important foundations of knowledge, analysis and scrutiny to achieve the satisfaction of our clients.

Real estate with Alfares is growth, saving and happiness with the choice.

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Why real estate in Istanbul?!

Tourism is the real indicator used for studying the motion of sales and purchases and the real estate market’s transactions for each country. Applying this indicator on Istanbul; a city that attracts millions of visitors every year because the life in it is filled with beauty and enchantment as it catches the eye and bewitches the hearts, whereas its strategic location made it a center for international trade as it connects Europe and Asia together with the inevitable result of increased trade turnaround, showed that it is flooded with tourists and visitors every year, which means that it offers real opportunities for the venture capitalists to promote their investments by pumping them into Istanbul, especially in real estates. We, at Alfares Real Estate Investment, pay great attention to identifying the best areas for real estate investment in Turkey and fully explaining the concept of property ownership in Turkey in a way that guarantees a profitable investment and real savings for the future in the light of the gravity of the Turkish government and its efforts in providing facilities for the foreign investor as well as encouraging him to pump his money in Turkey in order to improve his chances of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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Featured Properties

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by purchasing a property

In the last few years, the Turkish government has offered many concessions to the foreign investors in order to support both its economy generally and the real estate section specifically. The importance of the real estate market and the marked increase of the percentage of properties sold to foreigners, especially the Arabs and Europeans, lately, prompted the Turkish government to make adjustments to the privileges extended to the investors by purchasing a property.

After starting with granting residency once a property was purchased….

Real Estate Magazine

Real Estate Investment in Istanbul and Turkey

The concessions offered by the Turkish government and the attention it pays to the investors in various sectors, especially real estate investors wishing to purchase a property in Istanbul and Turkey, explain the rising index of the increased attraction to that section in addition to the many characteristics of Turkey that include a unique geographic location and an evolved economy based on a strong and solid basis.

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Looking at the real estate and residential projects’ sector, we can witness dozens and hundreds of projects constructed every year in different areas of the country as the expansion of the real estate market was not limited only to Istanbul, but many other cities, like Trabzon, Bursa, Antalya and the southern cities, experienced the same expansion and the emergence of many residential investment projects and hotel apartments.

Istanbul ranked first among the Turkish city in the percentage of sold properties because of the enormous number of its newcomers and its large surface area that can accommodate such a large number of newcomers. As a result, many choices have emerged including residential apartments in Istanbul, investment apartments or hotel apartments in Istanbul. And given its fantastic view of Marmara Sea, several residential projects were constructed offering hundreds of choices with seaside views in Istanbul.

This wide variety of choices available in the real estate market of Istanbul led to the increased demand and the diversity of prices following the variety of regions and views offered by the residential apartments and projects. All these factors mounted to the real estate market in Istanbul only taking over up to 20% of the net real estate market in Turkey.

What are the most important regions for real estate investment in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul alone expands over an area of 5461 km2 and is currently divided into two divisions:

The ancient Istanbul: It has several historic and archeological places that constitute destinations for the tourists and Istanbul visitors. It is characterized by the ancient Ottoman architectural style of most of its residential, governmental as well as commercial buildings as it still maintains the country’s heritage in its constructions. In the recent years, many residential projects in the form of high residential towers with a modern architectural quality emerged as the government and some private companies worked to reorganize a number of the old squatter areas and upgrade them by constructing residential towers and projects that offer a variety of apartments with all necessities; residential, service and offices.

The modern Istanbul: It occupies the western side of the city and includes a number of regions between Ataturk Airport and Istanbul New Third Airport. In these regions predominates the modern residential complexes that meet the requirements of the modern and ever changing modern life regarding the decors, the construction materials as well as the application of technology and smart house system. So, currently, apartments overlooking Marmara Sea, apartments overlooking the lakes of Istanbul in addition to home office apartments have spread to meet the requirements of those interested in purchasing properties and real estate investment in Istanbul.

Advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul

  • The location of Istanbul between Asia and Europe which opens its market for the neighboring Arabic and European countries alike and makes it a point of harmony between both cultures together.
  • The renewable laws and concessions issued by the Turkish government concerning facilitating foreigners’ ownership in Turkey and increasing real estate investment.
  • The social and political stability in the country which is an important factor that reassures the investors.
  • The huge and strong infrastructure across the country including railways and subway stations that connect both sides of Istanbul and is considered one of the largest transport networks worldwide.
  • The diversity of investment sectors in Turkey and Istanbul to include all aspects of life; agriculture, industry, trade, tourism and real estate.
  • The magnitude of the real estate market and its involvement with the competing sectors of the Turkish economy which yields enormous profitable returnees for the country.

Thereby, a city as huge as Istanbul with its diverse market becomes the first and best choice for investment and real estate investment will be the prime candidate for investing capitals to guarantee a permanent profitable returnee.

Alfares Real Estate Investment will be your comprehensive guide to choose the best property in Istanbul whether it was a seaside apartment, a residential apartment or a commercial shop.

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Distribution of real estate in Istanbul

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