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Our Vision

In order to achieve excellence and perfection in a country vying for growth and development like turkey, knowledge, hard work and innovation are all necessities. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to attain just that with and for you.

Our happiness begins when you achieve your purposes and your satisfaction and needs are our primary goal. We also believe that we owe our survival in the real estate market primarily to Allah’s will, then to our clients’ faith and belief in us over the time.

About Alfares Real Estate

We; Alfares Real Estate, are an extension to a corporate group in Arabic Gulf and Middle East that realizes and lives our clients’ aspirations in the Arab world, Europe and The world.

Alfares spent many successful years gaining marketing experience and working in the services sector, continually broadening our horizon until we pioneered marketing operations in Turkey and Middle East.

Why Alfares Real Estate Investment?

Alfares Real Estate Investment team managed to become a reliable consultative guide in Turkey because of their precise knowledge of the most important investment developers in Istanbul and Turkey and continuous following up with the recent expansions and the existing projects.

Alfares, through its role as a real estate consultant that works in the real estate market in Istanbul and Turkey, knows exactly where and when an opportunity may arise, how it will end as well as watching out for any updates on its status in order to offer it to our clients.

Alfares recognizes your aspirations and future purposes and works with you to facilitate their achievement within a safe and proper program.

Istanbul and Alfares

If we are talking history, then we are talking about Istanbul with its authenticity and the beauty of the Bosbhorus. There is not a neighborhood in Istanbul that does not exude the originality of the past whether it was its historic buildings or its mosques that go back thousands of years, a testimony to the tales of the many ages that the country has been through.

When the beauty of the nature blends with the authenticity of the monuments and the cultures and when the scent of the past merges with the novelty of the future, we are talking about Istanbul; one of the oldest and most beautiful capitals. Istanbul was called many names including Islambul, Asitane, Constantinpole and Minarets City.

Istanbul is located in north west Turkey, in Marmara Sea province, surrounded by seas as the Black Sea lies to its north whereas Marmara Sea is to its south, a feature that makes it even more beautiful and gives it a special quality.

As a result of its large area and its expansion across two continents; Asia and Europe, it carries within its terrain both the authenticity of the east and the civilization of the west.

Our services

Property Management

Property Management

An integrate package of property management services in Turkey, offered by Alfares to ensure the preservation of your real estate investment and the provision of a comfortable investment and residential environment for the clients all year around.

Real Estate Tours

Real Estate Tours

We, at Alfares, place a considerable significance to welcoming our clients since the moment they arrive to Istanbul Airport, give a great care to arranging their visits to the important sites and projects the suits their investment and real estate aspirations and orientations together with paying attention to their comfort and providing the optimum atmosphere when they travel for these purposes.

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

We, at Alfares real estate, and through our co-location with the top structural and real estate development companies in Turkey as well as our meticulous knowledge of the real estate market and its advances, continually provide our clients with new and profitable real estate investments via Alfares real estate marketing team and our digital marketing channels.

Real Estate Consultancy

Real Estate Consultancy

Alfares real estate team provides you with accurate information about real estates in Istanbul and other major Turkish cities as well as legal explanations and financial studies before purchasing or owning a property in Turkey.

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