Choose Apartments For Sale in Istanbul

Apartments for sale in Istanbul

Alfares Real Estate Company endeavor to provide the best offers for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul. Based upon our substantial experience in the Turkish real estate market, we chose for you the best possible locations for living or investment.

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Given the importance of the Turkish city of Istanbul that lies in the middle between Asia and Europe, featuring touristic and archeological monuments, in addition to its strategic location on Marmara Sea on one side and The Black Sea on the other side, it was only natural that the investors would be attracted to it. Consequently, the construction companies started advertising apartments for sale in Istanbul and building luxurious residential projects in its newer regions that have a strong infrastructure like the residential projects in Basaksehir and those featuring seaside views in Beylikduzu. Also, apartments were advertised for sale in Basin Express, which is one of the most important real estate investment regions in Istanbul to the point that the top as well as newly starting companies adopted the area as their headquarter resulting in the increased demand on apartments in Basin Express. Residential complexes invaded the area, many of which containing offices for sale in response to the demand of the investors. The real estates in Basin Express are characterized by their high quality, modern designs and luxurious services.

The Turkish government paid a great attention to the new areas of Istanbul specifically and started constructing large-scale projects there; such as the channel of Istanbul project and Istanbul Third Airport project. The apartments located near the new channel and the Third Airport are the best investment opportunities currently in Istanbul. That is why the investors of different nationalities are choosing the residential apartment complexes located in the promising regions in Istanbul like Bahcesehir which is the nearest district to the channel. It is expected that the real estates’ prices in Istanbul will increase substantially in the future. When looking for an apartment for sale in Istanbul, it is essential to take in consideration the presence of sufficient services within the area like schools, transportation and various service centers.

The Turkish construction companies are doing their best to facilitate real estate purchase in Istanbul including advertising installments’ offers for the residential complexes. Also, in order to encourage investment in Istanbul, as it is the economic capital of Turkey, the foreign investors were granted real estate residency. Likewise, purchasing apartments in Istanbul will grant the foreign investor the right to obtain Turkish citizenship, provided that he/she can fulfill all the necessary requirements; which are the commitment to not resell the property except after 3 years and that the total price of all the purchased properties is 250 thousand dollars at least.

Before taking the decision to purchase an apartment in Istanbul, you must set your goal for purchasing and determine your available budget as there is a wide variety of choices that range from mid-scale finished apartments to luxurious villas for sale.

Alfares Real Estate team is always ready to accompany you in your journey looking for real estates in Istanbul that will suit your needs and interests starting from viewing the various properties till the moment of receiving your ownership deed.

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Installments’ offers and the convenient payment plans

Alfares Real Estate Investment team in Istanbul endeavor to provide you with the best real estate offers for those looking for a profitable real estate investment in Istanbul via offering convenient installments offers for all real estates in Istanbul including apartments, offices, villas and commercial stores in accordance to your needs.

Real estate tours for apartments in Istanbul

Alfares Real Estate Investment in Turkey provides its clients with full information on their favorite property, even before their arrival to Istanbul, to ensure they have the best properties and apartments for sale in Istanbul that were offered to meet their needs in suitable prices. After previously coordinating your visitation schedule with Alfares Real Estate team, our representative will be waiting for you at the moment of your arrival to the airport to escort you to your hotel via the company’s cars and make sure you have everything you need for your comfort. After that, you will start your visit to the various regions of Istanbul according to your schedule and following your wishes, together with fully introducing you to all the surrounding services and transport, followed by viewing the projects and choices most suitable for you. We will definitely be delighted by your visit to the company’s headquarter before starting with your real estate tour and there, we will offer you a detailed explanation of the best places and projects for you to visit in Istanbul.

When you visit any project, our representative will describe the region and the project to you in details and will explain the available services in that project and how far it is from the public transport stations. Then, you will view a fully cladded standard apartment of the project in order to learn about the distribution of its rooms and the quality of the materials used for cladding. In case you agree to purchase the property, Alfares Company will carry out all the legal proceedings related to transferring the ownership to the purchaser as well as the procedures for obtaining residency.

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