Istanbul city is the economic capital of Turkey because of the characteristics that it has, considering it as the most important economic cities in the world, due to its geographical location, which make it the destination of many investors, as Istanbul is the point of convergence of the East with the West.

Istanbul is bordered by the Black Sea to the north, the Marmara Sea to the south, the Bosphorus Strait divided into a European section and an Asian section. Istanbul is now one of the most important tourist cities in the world because of tourist attractions and historical landmarks that attract tourists from all over the world.

The Turkish government has also worked on developing the real estate market in Istanbul. It has established residential complexes in Istanbul and has offered a variety of apartment options for sale in Istanbul. These complexes have been located in different areas of Istanbul. There are apartments for sale in Istanbul in new areas and apartments for sale in old areas. There are also options for apartments for sale in Istanbul with sea views, and certainly
the prices of apartments in Istanbul vary from one area to another and on several factors including:

  • Proximity and distance from transportation.
  • The quality of internal and external finishing.
  • Services within the project.
  • Proximity and distance from tourist places.
  • The views of the project, so that the prices of apartments in Istanbul for sale with a sea view are higher than the apartments for sale in Istanbul with views of the city.

In this article we will mention the prices of apartments in Istanbul within the residential complexes for the most important areas in Istanbul where apartments are available for sale:

Apartment prices vary in Istanbul by region

Esenyurt area

Esenyurt is one of the most modern areas that contain residential complexes in Istanbul, with various apartment square meters and different designs. Esenyurt is divided into two areas, a popular area with only old buildings and a modern area with apartments for sale in Istanbul within high-end residential complexes.

These apartments are also located in residential complexes with a privileged location close to the Metrobus station.

It is also expected that the subway will reach the Esenyurt area by the end of 2019, which will increase the price per meter in the area.

The price per meter in the Esenyurt area starts at 3,200 Turkish lira and up to 5,000 Turkish lira, certainly the difference in price is due to the factors already mentioned.

Bahçeşehir area

Bahçeşehir has a distinctive location on the international E-80 line and is close to Istanbul’s third airport. It is one of the most promising areas in Istanbul, which has witnessed a real estate boom in terms of high prices and increased demand for apartments for sale in BahçehShahir. The metro, which will reach BahçeShahir, is one of the most important factors driving demand for the region.

The price of a meter in bahçeşehir starts from 4,800 Turkish lira, and in some projects reaches up to 6,800 Turkish lira.

Başakşehir area

The apartments for sale in Başakşehir have many factors, making it one of the most desirable areas for foreign and Turkish investors. The subway line to Başakşehir and the large transportation network that feeds the region have made the prices of apartments in Başakşehir constantly rising.

The properties of Başakşehir are characterized that they are under the guarantee of the Turkish government, with excellent internal and exterior finishing.

Prices for apartments in Başakşehir- Istanbul start at 7,500 Turkish lira per meter.

basin express area

Which is now considered the new financial center of Istanbul, the apartments for sale Basin Express – istanbul are near the Ataturk Airport and the exhibitions city, basin expres area now headed by large commercial companies to open their branches there, the region has seen a significant rise in price in the past years.

Prices of apartments in Istanbul – Basin Express starts at 7.300 Turkish lira per meter.

Beylikdüzü area

It is one of the most important coastal areas in Istanbul, the properties in Beylikdüzü have reasonable prices and a privileged location, with fascinating views of ​​Marmara sea , and the apartments are for sale in Beylikdüzü have good internal and exterior finishing.

The price per meter in Beylikdüzü starts at 5,800 Turkish lira.
Note that these prices are approximate for viewing only and they may change as a result of many factors during the progress of time.

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