If you are interested in real estate ownership in Turkey, then you must have heard about Bahcesehir, whose name has become frequently circulating in the recent years because of its location and the advantages that it offers as it became a distinctive attraction to many of the investors and real estate investment companies.

Bahcesehir, which means “the city of the gardens” in Turkish, is one of the most beautiful urban expansion districts in western Istanbul. It is located in the European side of Istanbul and it used to belong to Basaksehir municipality in the northern west of Kucukcekmece Lake (the Small Lake of Istanbul).

The district contains many modern and huge residential projects suitable for all requirements and tastes.

Bahcesehir is also characterized by the abundance of the greenery and the widespread gardens which grant exotic views for most of the apartments there. It has a unique location in between Ataturk Airport and (Istanbul New Third Airport) and contains several future projects of the Turkish government like the Channel of Istanbul project, which will be finished in 2023, and is close to the Third Istanbul Bridge. All these future projects will contribute to the increase of the real estate prices there and render the district the most suitable investment choice.

Formerly, Behcesehir was a villa region, where the most prestigious families spent their vacations because of its location away from the city noise and the abundance of greenery there which gives it a quiet and relaxed quality.

In the recent years, the (Turkish government’s projects) as well as the private companies’ projects have expanded to the district and many projects with modern architectural quality and well equipped with all means of comfort and safety have emerged. Add to that the presence of commercial stores, offices, schools and public transportation which made the district like a small town of its own.

This, in turn, turned the city into an attraction point for (the real estate investors) and this increased demand led to the increase of (the real estate prices) in the district, especially after the commencement of the (Channel of Istanbul) project where many residential projects will be constructed on its periphery. The government is also working hard to ensure the access of a subway line to the district in the coming period which will serve the region and connect it with the rest of Istanbul. All these innovations resulted in the increase of the price of the real estate meter from 1500 Turkish Lira, in the last 6 years, to 5000 Turkish Lira per square meter.

Transportation in Behcesehir

The position of the district between Ataturk Airport and (Istanbul New Airport) was an important factor that promoted the construction of a subway line that will facilitate the access to the region and shorten the time needed to reach it. The Turkish government is doing its best to ensure an easy and fast access to the district within a short time and to provide a comfortable public transport network for the citizens, so it started the excavation work for the subway that will connect Esenyurt, Bahcesehier and Ispartakule with Mahmutbey region and will also reach the center of Istanbul at Sisli (Mecidiykoy). The subway will be 16 km long, cover 9 stations in 18 minutes and connect with Marmaray line that connects the Asian and European sides.

Services in Bahcesehir

Bahcesehir has several community services and facilities including cultural centers, schools for all levels, health centers and hospitals.

Furthermore, recreational services are also available and abundant including parks, theatres, shopping centers (malls) and many cafes and restaurants. Of the important facilities are:

  • Bahcesehir Bazaar: where all the Turkish products and goods are available including food, vegetables, fruits as well as all the day-to-day requirements. It is open 5 days a week.
  • Golet Park: one of the largest parks in Istanbul and is the destination of not only the residents of Bahcesehir, but also people from all over Istanbul to enjoy the exquisite landscape as it has great expanses of greenery, ponds that add to the beauty of the scenery as well as children’s playgrounds, cafes and restaurants.
  • Akbati Mall: one of the largest malls in Istanbul that is characterized by its beautiful modern design. It contains several outlets for all the international brands, an entire section for cafes and restaurants, children’s play areas, parking lots and is surrounded by a square that features dozens of famous Turkish cafes.

Why real estate investment in Bahcesehir?

Because of its beautiful nature and great expanses of greenery, Bahcesehir is one of the most populated regions with upper-class residents in Istanbul who appreciate its tranquility and organized architectural design.

The choices of projects in the district vary between residential apartment complexes and villa complexes with exotic views in addition to residential complexes that feature (commercial stores) and apartment (offices). In the recent years, the percentage of the modern (residential projects) has increased and they belonged to either private Turkish companies or the Turkish government which increased the turnout for the region as well as its supply and demand. As a result, the restoration of the real estate capital is estimated to be 15 years and the annual investment returnee to be 7% of the property’s price according to the studies carried out by (real estate investment) experts whereas the price per meter reached up to 5000 Turkish Lira.

In addition, the completion of several other modern residential projects and the operation of (the subway line), which will access the district soon, will contribute to (the increase of the real estate prices) in the coming years.

Schools in Bahcesehir

Whether Turkey was the country of residence for many of the foreigners for some time or will be a new option to live and move in, there are essential things that the resident looks for to ensure settling in and adaptation in Turkey.

As Turkey has become a target and destination to many of the foreign families in the recent years, schools and educational centers for all ages and levels became a necessity. Accordingly, many Arabic and international schools suitable for all the incoming nationalities were opened in Istanbul such as the Jordanian school, the Saudi school, the Iraqi school and the Libyan school as well as international schools concerned with teaching English and other internationally accredited curricula like the British school, the American school and the Canadian school.

These schools are not concentrated in certain regions and not others, but they spread to cover all the regions and neighborhoods of Istanbul, old and new alike.

As the urban expansion moves towards the west side of the city to include many regions with modern architectural designs, full family services and family-friendly residential complexes, it was necessary to provide educational atmospheres for the residents of these areas in order to feel safe and secure by the knowledge that there are schools near their areas of residency.

Important schools in Bahcesehir

  • Istanbul Libyan School: teaches the Libyan curriculum and is located in an area that has more than ten residential complexes as well as public transportation.
  • Manara International School: teaches the Libyan curriculm
  • Libyan Educational Space School (Fadaa Alma’refa): teaches the Libyan curriculum

The most important real estate projects in Bahcesehir