A study prepared by one of the global companies in Istanbul showed that Istanbul came first among the world cities regarding urban expansion and the size of the real estate market. This expansion came after several studies that targeted the regions with high investment returnee and features suiting the investors.

Residential projects were built in the various districts of Istanbul to constitute an urban renaissance that made Istanbul proactive in its use of the best designs and the provision of the highest levels of security and comfort for the existing projects as well as offering the best services.

Basaksehir is the best example of the urban renaissance in Istanbul and the best from the investment point of view. Statistics confirmed that Basaksehir was among the top three districts in Istanbul where the real estate value has increased in the period from 2015 up till now because of the increasing number of residential projects and the continuous growth of the service facilities.

Basaksehir’s characteristics appropriate for residency and investment made it a destination for many Turkish and foreign investors alike, so that the real estate market became the most important asset of Basaksehir resulting in the special attention to the district paid by the Turkish government that started building many residential and service governmental projects.

History of Basaksehir

Basaksheir used to belong to Kucukcekmece municipality in Istanbul until 2008 when Basaksehir was announced a separate municipality of its own to become one of 39 municipalities distributed between the Asian and European sides of Istanbul.

The name Basaksehir means “wheat fields” which is what the district used to be famous for before the construction of the large-scale residential projects and the various service centers.

Location of Basaksehir in Istanbul

Basaksehir has a strategic location in the European side of Istanbul, its surface area is 104 thousand km2 and it is bordered by Avcilar to the south, Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece and Arnavutkoy to the north, Esenler and Sultangazi to the east and Esenyurt to the south west. Basaksehir is also bordered to the north by forests of evergreen trees like cypress and pine trees and is crossed by a river that drains in Kucukcekmece Lake giving Basaksehir a unique geographic formation characterized by an exquisite nature and the abundance of greenery.

The characteristic location of Basaksehir in between Istanbul’s most important districts and on the main road TEM (an international road) gave the district great importance because of the ease of its access from anywhere in Istanbul. Basaksehir is the closest district to Istanbul Third Airport, thus enticing private and governmental companies to construct residential projects and service centers in the region.

Basaksehir is 28 minutes away from Taksim, 20 minutes from Ataturk Airport and 25 minutes from Istanbul Third Airport.

Characteristics of Basaksehir

There is no doubt that the name Basaksehir has become familiar to anyone who wants to invest in Istanbul because of what the district has to offer in terms of advantages that enrich the life there. The most important characteristics of Basaksehir are:

Basaksehir is one of the high-end regions in the European side of Istanbul, its buildings are new, is devoid of squatters and most of its residential complexes offer the best services and the best quality finishing and cladding.

The close proximity of Basaksehir to the Third Airport, which was built over an area of 76.5 million square meters, gave the district great importance and prompted the increase of the investment projects’ construction to prepare it for visitors and residents alike. As a result, the demand on residential apartments and commercial stores increased making Basakeshir’s real estate market the broadest market in Istanbul.

Easy transportation in Basaksehir: Basaksehir is fed by a large network of transportation, including buses and subway, which connects it with the different areas of Istanbul.

Universities and schools in Basaksehir: The district is one of the distinguished regions educationally as it has several private and governmental schools and universities offering education in all languages.

Basaksehir is considered a connecting zone between the international Ataturk Airport and Istanbul Third Airport; the largest airport worldwide.

Public services and facilities

When we talk about Basaksehir we must mention the official institutions and services present there that facilitate things for the residents like residency and passport related issues as well as the institutions related to the electricity, water and gas companies.

Recreational areas in Basaksehir

Basaksehir is characterized by being a residential region suitable for families because of the many recreational areas there like: Sular Vadisi (The Water Valley Park), Basaksehir sports center, Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Exhibits center as well as several cinemas and shopping centers, the most important of which is The Mall of Istanbul.

Basaksehir has a large number of hospitals and health centers offering the highest levels of care and equipment with the best medical staff, some of these health facilities are governmental while the others are private. Some of those hospitals are Basaksehir Governmental Hospital, State Hospital and Medical center. The health centers are distributed among the neighborhoods to make life easier for Basaksehir’s residents. Also, the Turkish government intends to open a Medical City in Basaksehir that is going to be the largest in Europe.

Transportation in Basaksehir

One of the important characteristics of Basaksehir is its integrated transport network which connects the district’s entire neighborhoods together as well as with the other districts. The subway line that passes through Basaksehir is the most important mean of transportation there as it gives access to Ataturk Airport, Marmaray line that connects the Asian and European continents together as well as the metro lines that reach Taksim, Besiktas and Mecidiyekoy.

The construction of the famous Basaksehir metro started in 2006. It consists of 2 tubes; the first one passes through (Basak Konutlari) station, while the other passes through (Metrokent) station. The metro is 16 km long and has 11 stations. Working to open new stations is still undergoing in order to better facilitate the transport to the new areas of Basaksehir.

Basaksehir also contains a large bus network that connects the regions together. Some of the buses are private, while the others are governmental. The bus lines in Basaksehir connect its regions together and also reach the central regions of Istanbul like Taksim and Fatih.

It is worth mentioning that there is a tramway station underway in order to further the importance of Basaksehir for the residents and real estate investors with a cost of about 450 million Turkish Liras.

Schools and universities in Basaksehir

Recently, Basaksehir has become a favorable destination for many of the Turks and Foreigners alike, as well as for those searching for a quiet, luxurious and fully serviced life. Basaksehir obtained a distinguished rank in the educational field because of its many governmental and private schools, some Turkish and others international.

Some of the International schools in Basaksehir:

  • Aqsa International Schools in Istanbul: Yemeni and American curricula
  • Huda International Schools: Lebanese
  • Al Bawasal Sudanese School: Sudanese

Basaksehir also has many Turkish schools, either governmental or private, for all school levels.

As for the universities, Basaksehir has the finest ones in terms of the level of education and the efficacy of the staff. These universities teach in Arabic, English and Turkish. Of the most prominent universities are:

  • Basaksehir Academy: teaches its curricula in Arabic
  • Bahcesehir University: teaches in both Arabic and Turkish
  • Ibn Halduni University: its curricula are obligatory in all three languages; Arabic, English and Turkish

The important facilities and projects in Basaksehir

  • Basaksehir Artificial Lake: covers 26 thousand m2 and is surrounded by greenery and parks. It has many cafes and restaurants. It also includes a big arena for celebrations and festivals.
  • Water Valley in Basaksehir: stretches over an area of 45.723 m2 and contains 26 thousand meter long walking trails. It also has many service and recreational facilities like cafes, restaurants, sports clubs and a shopping center.
  • Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Basaksehir: It was opened in 2002 and hosted the Olympic Games in 2008. The stadium has about 82486 seats.
  • The biggest Medical City in Europe: It is currently being constructed in Basaksehir over an area of one million and 60 thousand m2 and is equipped to receive more than 24 thousand visitors daily, two thousands companion and more than 9000 health sector employees will work there.
  • Kent square in Basaksehir: It is being constructed over an area of 60 thousand m2 which is twice the size of the famous Taksim square. It will contain all the means of transport and communications and will have Kent health center, the largest botanic garden in Turkey and Europe with an area of 368 thousand m2, thousands of parking lots, many cafes and restaurants as well as a huge mosque that will accommodate 5000 worshipper.

Why real estate investment in Basaksehir?

Basaksehir district is considered the first destination of the investors, Arabs and Turks, because of the increased real estate value there. Up to this moment, the demand on purchasing residential apartments in Basaksehir is more than the supply as the real estate market there has made a quantum leap forward in the last few years as a result of the strength of the infrastructure of the district and the large-scale projects carried out by the Turkish government.

Basaksehir has a variety of residential apartments for sale and the commercial stores there guarantee a high investment returnee.

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