Istanbul is considered an international center for real estate investment. This is because of the approach that the Turkish government follows to encourage investment in the country as it started by constructing many large-scale investment projects that conform to the international standards from the point of design and safety standards, followed by expansion towards the newer regions allowing it to form a new concept of luxury and sophistication about Istanbul. As a result, Istanbul became the first choice for every foreigner and Turk to invest or live in.

Beylikduzu district received a large portion of that attentive approach because of its qualities and features that encourage the Turks and foreigners to invest and purchase residential apartments or commercial stores. Its location on Marmara Sea from one side and its distinction with forests and greenery on the other side gave it more value and made it one of the most important areas for real estate investment or residency.

History of Beylikduzu

The Greek were the first to inhabit Beylikduzu in the second century to become later on a popular resort for the people of the Byzantine Empire. It was called “The Garden” during the period of Ottoman Caliphate because of the abundance of the greenery there.

In the era of the Turkish Republic it was named “Kavakli” which means the Poplar trees because they are the main characteristic of the district. Then in 2003 the name was changed to “Beylikduzu”.

People started migrating to Beylikduzu in 1999 after the earthquake that hit Istanbul and caused damage to many of the old regions. At that time, the Turkish government set up earthquake-resistant houses in Beylikduzu and prepared them with all the services and fundamentals so that the district became one of the best and most prestigious regions in Istanbul and that was the beginning of the real estate market in Beylikduzu.

In 2012, the metrobus gained access to Beylikduzu which encouraged people to migrate there where there were new residential complexes, full services and an efficient transport network.

The important characteristics of Beylikduzu

The location of Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is located in the European side of Istanbul, bordered by Marmara Sea to the south, offering a beach and a harbor making it one of important beaches in Istanbul, Esenyurt to the north, Buyukcekmece lake to the west (the Grand Lake of Istanbul), which is one of the important touristic areas in Istanbul, and Avcilar to the east.

The unique location of Beylicduzu near the international highway E-5 which is the main artery in Istanbul made it an easily accessible destination. Beylikduzu is 45 minutes away from Taksim, 25 minutes from Ataturk Airport and 50 minutes from Istanbul New Airport.

The climate of Beylikduzu in Istanbul

The location of Beylikduzu on Marmara Sea surrounded by trees and greenery together with the fact that it contains no factories and is not polluted gave it a temperate climate and fresh clean air. Beylikduzu also has a dry weather and healthy environment. As it is 150 meters above sea level, it is one of the least humid regions in Istanbul.

Transportation in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu has become the focus of attention of the investors in Istanbul after it was connected to all the regions of Istanbul by the metrobus which is now one of the most important means of transport in Istanbul as it connects its Asian and European sides while passing across most of Istanbul’s districts.

The metrobus covers all the areas of Beylikduzu through five stations: Beylikduzu station at Marmara Park Mall – Beylikduzu Belediye station – Cmhuriyet Mahallesi station – Beykent station – Beylikduzu Sondurak station. Also, the transport buses largely cover Beylikduzu to connect it with the surrounding areas or for traveling within the district itself.

The marine transport plan is being carried out from Beylikduzu coast to the coast of Avcilar and Eminonu.

In addition, there is the subway line expected to access Beylikduzu, but the project has not started yet.

So, Beylikduzu has an integrated transport network that could be easily used for transport all over Istanbul.

Commercial centers in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu municipality is considered much better and more organized in relation to the urban development compared to the other municipalities. The real estate value in Beylikduzu increased in the recent years thanks to the various real estate projects constructed lately. Beylikduzu now has several shopping centers and medium and large malls in order to provide the residents of Beylikduzu as well as those of the neighboring regions with all their needs and encourage investment in the district. Of the important shopping centers are Marmara Park Mall, which is one of the largest malls in Istanbul and contains various international and local brands, Perlavista Mall, which is the closest mall to Beykent station, and Migros Mall.

For those who love traditional markets, Beylikduzu has more than one bazaar distributed all over the district. These bazaars are open markets that have a traditional quality and sell all the requirements of the residents including food, domestic wear and housewares among others of variable and different goods with prices suitable for everybody.

Important touristic areas in Beylikduzu

The important location of Beylikduzu in Istanbul has made it not less favorable than the the rest of the districts from tourism point of view. The presence of Marmara Sea to the south prompted the Turkish government to construct a harbor on Beylikduzu coast, called West Istanbul Marina, that features several prestigious restaurants, cafes, running tracks and a beach for swimming which turned Beylikduzu into one of the most developed, modern and luxurious regions.

Beylikduzu also contains many historic monuments like the Lead palace or Sultan Sulaiman Palace that represents the Ottoman architecture and was given that name because its roof is made of pure lead.

If we are talking about luxury in Beylikduzu, we should mention “Beylikduzu Valley of Life” which is one of the most important investment projects in the district that will increase the real estate value. It is a number of gardens that connect with each other until they reach Marmara Sea in Beylikduzu. It is established over an area of one million square meters. The project consists of 6 stages, the first one of which is finished. The Valley features several restaurants, cafes, two schools, a city hall, two lakes and several other services which make it one of the largest future projects in Turkey.

Schools and universities in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is one of the leading districts on the scientific level in Istanbul. Statistics confirmed that more than 40% of Beylikduzu’s residents are from the educated class.

Beylikduzu has a large number of Turkish and international schools

Some of the International schools in Beylikduzu:

  • Al Fanar Palestinian International School: teaches Palestinian curriculum.
  • Tulip International School: Arabic Curriculum.
  • Tulip Kindergarten: Arabic and American curricula
  • Yemen International School: Yemeni curriculum
  • King Idriss Senoussi School: Libyan curriculum

As for the Turkish schools, there are many of them, the most important of which are the well-known Imam Hatip School as well as more than 30 governmental and private schools for all levels.

As for the universities, the most important ones are Beykent University, Fatih University, Okyanus University and Ibn Alnafis University for Science and Technology.

That is why Beylikduzu is a suitable region for living or real estate investment as it is a destination for the university students from all over the world.

Other service facilities and institutions in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu gained its importance from the level of services it offers in all aspects. Paying attention to the heath section was the focus of the Turkish government, so it constructed several governmental and private hospitals in Beylikduzu equipped with the best and most state-of-the-art devices and the best medical staff.

The most important governmental hospital is Beylikduzu State Hospital which is well-known by its utilization of the best technologies and the most efficient staff.

The most important private hospitals in Beylikduzu are Medicana Hospital and Medilife Hospital that belong to the biggest hospital chains in Turkey.

There are also several health centers and clinics distributed among the neighborhoods of Beylikduzu to ensure the best medical care services for the residents.

When talking about services in Beylikduzu, the wide distribution of banks in the neighborhoods and the main and side streets must be mentioned. Beylikduzu has become the focus of the investors in Istanbul during the recent years resulting in opening offices and companies in its central areas which was further encouraged by the presence of Tuyap Exhibition center; one of the most important exhibits in Istanbul.

Why real estate investment in Beylikduzu?

Real estate investment in Turkey is largely considered a safe venture. Beylikduzu is one of the districts in which the real estate market has experienced a substantial development in the past years because of the opportunities it offers for residential apartments for sale or villas with seaside views for sale. Beylikduzu also contains many real estate projects suitable for the goal of obtaining Turkish residence besides the high quality services in the region that encouraged investors of different nationalities to purchase in Beylikduzu.

The most important real estate projects in Beylikduzu Istanbul