Beauty attracts the eye and leaves its invigorating imprint on the heart. Such beauty that manifests in the spectacular scenery of Turkey, offers peace of mind and relaxation as all around you, you witness the beautiful richness of living and settling down in Turkey.

That is why Alfares Real Estate Investment Company has set its sight on creating an oasis of small paradises via the villas in Istanbul that attract real estate ownership leaders in Turkey. That strong attraction increases with the availability of new residential areas in Istanbul characterized by elegance, privacy and complete comfort that creates a living atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Turkey is considered one of the best choices among the different world’s countries to live and settle in, given the recent economic development related to real estate market in Turkey and leading, consequently, to thinking about living and settling in Turkey especially under the facilitations offered by the government to attract visitors to the country. Add to that, the hospitable and friendly nature and behavior of the Turkish people towards foreigners, and you will be seriously considering getting the Turkish citizenship and living in the Turkish community in a comfortable and secure atmosphere.

The reasons that cause one to think about settling and living in Turkey varies between the students who study at the Turkish universities, people looking for jobs among others who simply crave the sense of peace and tranquility that they often experience when they settle in Turkey.

Fundamentals of living in Turkey

Taking into consideration the Turkish cultural interest, government and people alike, in the local economic development, reflects the total picture of the fundamentals of living in Turkey. This interest provided a real and strong opportunity for the Arab travelers to live and settle in Turkey, given the superiority of the Turkish real estates over those in several European countries, a fact that captures the value of the newcomers willing to purchase properties in Turkey.

The country pays a great attention to promoting these motives by providing a stable and safe environment for all visitors and newcomers as well as simplifying the integration mechanisms with the multicultural everyday life. That is why the laws that protect all the country’s residents are firmly implemented, so that all the foreigners and newcomers can enjoy living in Turkey.

The cost of living and settling in Turkey

The merits for those looking for residency opportunities in Turkey, depends on estimating the costs and prices of the apartments in Turkey.

These costs differ between one city and the other. For example, the cost of living in the new residential areas in Istanbul ranges between medium and high, as the atmosphere of the city and what it has to offer; like shopping centers and governmental institutions, increase the value and the prices of the apartments. Therefore, the costs in Turkey depend on the life style of the resident in a manner that correlates with the needs and requirements he is looking for. Many real estate companies, foremost among them is Alfares Real Estate Investment, offer integrated packages of Turkish real estates that meet all desires of the visitors and those seeking residency in Turkey.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship

The decree issued by the Turkish government during the last few years, offered the opportunity of obtaining Turkish citizenship to anyone who owns a property or an apartment in Turkey. A step, which will increase the real estate investment opportunities in Turkey and open the way for the real estate companies in Turkey to compete for the maximum response from the seekers of real estate ownership in Turkey.

Therefore, that decree, in fact, is a win-win, because; on the one hand, it will attract important real estate projects to Istanbul and increases the rate of the diversified real estate investment which, in turn, will strengthen the Turkish economy. On the Other hand, it will positively benefit the visitors, who want to enjoy living and residing in Turkey, by facilitating property ownership in Turkey.