Küçükçekmece Paradises FR-096

Starting From 1,084,000₺


  • 24/7 security
  • Green spaces and children’s parks
  • Open and closed swimming pool
  • Parking lot
  • PlayStation Room
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Sauna and Turkish bath
  • Shops
  • Sports Clubs


Delivery date: Ready for delivery

Project region: Küçükçekmece

An overview of the project location:

The project is located in Küçükçekmece at the western part of the European side of Istanbul it is considered to be a peninsula because it’s surrounded by water from most of the directions due to its location on the Marmara Sea and the Little Lake of Istanbul.

It’s also characterized by being situated between the two main roads of Istanbul the E5 and the TEM that connect between the Asian side and the European side of Istanbul, the transportations to it are very easy due to Metrobus station.

In addition to the public transportations that reaches every place at Istanbul.

And the future metro station of Marmaray which will connect it directly with the Asian side.

An overview of the project:

The project FR-096 is characterized by its view of the little lake of Istanbul and the surrounding green spaces.
Which grant a sense of tranquility to its residents, it also distinguished by its vibrant location near the station of Metrobus.

And by its location near the E5 road which is one of the main highways in Istanbul.

It was built on a space of 30328 m² with green spaces of 21000 m² with multiple apartments options that satisfy all needs and tastes, it also includes all kinds of services that make living in it is more like being in a quite island with integrated services.

Project Location:

  • The project is 15 minutes away from Ataturk Airport
  • The project is 35 minutes away from Istanbul’s new airport
  • The project is 1 minute away from the little lake of Istanbul
  • The project is 10 minutes away from Aqua Florya
  • The project is 35 minutes away from Istanbul center
  • The project is 5 minutes away from the Metrobus station and the main road of E5
  • The project is 300 meters away from Marmaray station

Project Location: Küçükçekmece

Project Area: 30328 m²

Number of Buildings: 8

Apartments options: 1+1/1+1/2+3/5+1/4+1/3+1 duplex

Number of Apartments: 408

Shops: 22


Apartment plan 1+1 A

Apartment plan 2+1 A

Apartment plan 2+1 B

Apartment plan 2+1 C

Apartment plan 2+1 D

Apartment plan 3+1 A

Apartment plan 3+1 B

Apartment plan 3+1 C

Apartment plan 3+1 D

Apartment plan 3+1 E

Apartment plan 3+1 F

Apartment plan 4+1 A

Apartment plan 5+1 A

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