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The decision to purchase is not considered real and valid unless the proposal is thorough and accurate, hence the importance of the proper correlation between the real estate market in Istanbul and Turkey and the demand as well as the extent of the client’s conviction that his current or future investment should be in Turkey.

We, at Alfares real estate, and through our co-location with the top structural and real estate development companies in Turkey as well as our meticulous knowledge of the real estate market and its advances, can properly match the various requirements of our clients with the real estate market in Turkey.

Alfares real estate team can elaborate on all the essential details and advantages of the existing projects together with their prices and provide the necessary photos and schemes, besides presenting these projects via our video channel and explain the available payment methods provided by the company owning the project.

Our interaction with our clients, either through direct contact, our website or social media networks, offers pluralism and different choices for the required property in addition to highlighting the general trend of the purchase decision for the clients.

We, at Alfares real estate investment, are aware of and completely understand the aspirations and future purposes of our clients and we endeavor to facilitate their attainment within a safe, proper and integrated program.

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