The properties in Istanbul are different, and its location varies between the new areas of Istanbul and the old neighborhoods. There are many properties opportunities in Istanbul because it is the economic capital of Turkey, and the attention of investors to the different nationalities, and the purchase of a property in Istanbul the goal of many.

And certainly when deciding to buy a property in Istanbul, there are several questions in the mind of those who intend to buy, including the best buy a ready-to-live property in Istanbul or under construction?

There are several factors that determine the best for those who are determined to buy a property in Istanbul. The ready property has features and characteristics. The property under construction also has attractive features for many.

Istanbul’s ready-to-live properties are a safe investment for many. Buying a ready-to-live apartment in Istanbul gives you the opportunity to preview all the details on the ground, so you can check the apartment before buying and check the quality of the finishing, and to choose the right view for you better than the projects under construction in Istanbul.

One of our projects in Istanbul with high quality finishing FR-119

On the other hand, the properties under construction in Istanbul are considered the best in terms of investment and taking advantage of the high price in the future, properties and apartments in Istanbul saw an average rise of about 30% from the beginning of the project until delivery. Therefore, many investors interested in investing in Istanbul by buying apartments under construction and resale them in the future. This kind of investment is long-term, the results are not fast but with a high profit rate.

The purchase of buying an apartment in Istanbul under construction offers you the opportunity to pay long installments, as the projects under construction in Istanbul offers long installment opportunities compared to ready projects in Istanbul.

One of our special projects in Istanbul with a long installments FR-029

Buying a ready to move properties in Istanbul allows you to live immediately in the apartment and offers you the opportunity to apply for residence card through the property deed are available for ready-to-move properties. Certainly when deciding to buy an apartment in Istanbul under construction, make sure that construction company has a good history construction, and its ability to complete the project on the specified date with its mentioned in the contract.

Projects under the guarantee of the Turkish government and under construction are the best options for safe and profitable investment. The Turkish government lands are located within investment zones, close to the most important investment projects in Istanbul such as the new Istanbul Canal and the Third Airport.

The most important projects guaranteed by the Turkish government in Ispartakule the project FR-008

The most important projects guaranteed by the Turkish government in Ispartakule the project FR-008

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